You can never plan perfectly

|Author: Jaspreet|

Walking out of our Uber to the side of a busy road overflowing with cars and horns, we met up with our mentor and walked for about a block to a narrow street. Hidden from the world, a slum began to emerge. Not a typical slum for me, the houses were made of concrete, the roads were fairly clean, and I even noticed a few iPads in the hands of young boys. We kept walking towards a few people standing around a house. As we approached, there were smiles and a few awkward stares. Moving forward, we reach the front of a small pink house with a door just big enough for about half of me.

I stood outside, cluelessly looking awkwardly at everyone. Then out the small door came a woman with a big beautiful smile in a bright pink Sari and we were finally greeted. It was Indira, our client. We recognized her immediately from some pictures we had seen from last year’s group. Knowing this event was big, I knew everyone was ready to get started. It had been over a year of planning and frustration.

Today, Indira was finally going to get her house renovated and it was demolition day. I was told that we are just waiting for the neighbor to come and give the final go ahead. As the neighbor finally arrived, it took less than a minute for the smiles to turn into a full-scale community argument. This went on for another twenty minutes with Indira seemingly taking on five different arguments from the five people surrounding her in a tight circle. After the argument ended, the smiles were back on everyone’s face and our mentor told us that the neighbors were having doubts over taking down the wall which was shared between them and Indira. The dispute was settled by Indira as she gave a little piece of her mind to all the skeptics.

Never did I think the demolition would come down to the wire in this way. But I guess that’s the way India works, you can never plan perfectly, no matter what.

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