Why India?

|Author: Thea|

Why India?

So I told my family and friends

That I’m going to study abroad

Away from the cold and the snow

Of home, the Pacific North West

One question that I often get

Why it is India?

Before heading over here

With my GCIL family

I always pause to think

Sometimes struggle, admittedly

to give the best answer

and justify my reasons

It has been two weeks since


have I learnt so far?

7% of the population

has accessed to sewage system

70% of students,

their meals are still not covered

162 PSI

is the norm air quality index

300 rupees daily

Is the wage of silk workers

So what,

are these numbers?

If not straight-up terrifying

And now what,

can we do about it?

If not start to panicking

In the midst of these chaos

Trying to figure it out

We found the supports that we need

From our wonderful educators:

Julian, Deborah, and Becca

Meenkashi, Bhargavi, and Elbin

To whom we’re all inspired

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