Where does one even start?

|Author: Mary|

Small calves highlighted neon yellow sit on the end of a short rope tied to a fence post.

A man wearing wireless headphones around his neck navigates through uneven sidewalks on his way to work.

Children tug at pant legs and open their white palms to the sky in hope of spare change. 

Couples enjoy each others company in the fenced dog area of Cubbon Park.

Bangalore is filled with many stimulants. That being said, we came here to address challenges and to work toward answering unsolved questions, but how can we think about just one thing when we step out of ISI and our brains are bombarded by new sights, smells and sounds. Where does one even start? 

I think I have finally developed a good answer to this question. We first start with the resources GCIL has given us. The informative and wise advice from Aruna, Meenakshi and Elbin, and most importantly support and guidance from one another. We then must take advantage of all of the people the program has invited to guest lecture and teach us about their passions. Last week it was Niti who spoke about public health in India and how every policy decision connects back to public health and thus should be treated as such. Today it was Dr. Asundi who works at CSTP, a think-tank that uses science and technology to provide solutions to politicians. Tomorrow it will be Hasiru Dala who will speak about the current waste management techniques being utilized in Bangalore and what they have been doing to improve these practices. Regardless of the day, we are given access to resources and design-thinking tools meant to help us succeed and I am so thankful for this. I look forward to begin working with our specific non-governmental organizations in the coming weeks to both learn from them and hopefully to begin to find answers to one of my many questions about Bangalore. 

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