Treasured Moments

|Author: Mary|

Early risers begin their morning commute in the cool fresh air

As I jog and listen to the soft silence of Bangalore

Packs of dogs argue and shout at each other at night

During the day they bask in the warmth by an open door

Red brick and greenery adorn the dream school

The walls speak the chatter of foreign female tongues

I’m confident that even when we leave

These girls will leave no song left unsung

Group dinners, all 17 of us packed inside

Laughter, jokes and great food to eat

Paneer, gobi, mango lassi for dessert

Relaxing, sometimes weird, conversations with Jaspreet

Constant noise, horns, chanting and drums

That once were so prominent have now faded away

The longer you are here, the less you notice

Until in the background these sounds will forever stay

I lay back in the auto, the brilliant stars stare into my soul

The cool breeze of Hampi whistles through my ears

Where would I be right now, without India?

Without my wonderful, supportive peers?

And just then my eyes struggle back tears

Because despite my many problems and my many fears

I will remember this trip for years and years

And for that I am so grateful,

Because of that, I will truly treasure these moments

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