Too Fast

|Author: Shannon|

It is Thursday of week 8. These past weeks have gone faster than any quarter before. It feels like just yesterday we got off the plane and were looking for the sign labelled "GCIL" as we all walked out of the Bangalore airport looking for a guy named Elbin, who we had only met once on a video call in a classroom in Lowe.  We have come so far and experienced so much. My mom said I'd be home sick by the time I got half way through the quarter but I'm so far from it. I'm not ready to go back. I'm not ready to give up what I have had for the past two months here. I may not have as much as I had at home in Seattle but I have been SO happy here.  Even though I have had a cockroach crawl all the way up my leg, had my entire back peel off, and had countless episodes on the toilet, I'd never trade these past 8 weeks for anything.

Yet we still have two more weeks here, but it doesn't feel like it. We have so much more to think about, so much more to learn and grow from.

Yesterday we just got our feedback on our initial project ideas and many of us are trying to figure out whether to go forward with our idea, pivot or restart our projects from scratch. I know, for me, it has been a rough process receiving so much feedback on an idea we have worked so hard on for so long. And whether we continue is up to us. When you put your heart into an idea and have it be criticized and questioned, it really makes you think about why you are doing the project in the first place.

I can't answer that question for all of us but I know that we are all here for a reason.  We all have our differences and all have different reasons why we came here. So for the next two weeks, let's make the most of it.  Let's do the most we can and make the most of what we have left because before we know it we will be back in Seattle starting spring quarter at UW.

What will you do with the next two weeks in India?

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