Time Runs at the Same Speed

|Author: Robert|

Time always runs at the same speed. It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t rewind, it doesn’t fast forward. Yet, time can feel like it is changing speed. This feeling occurs when we’re waiting hours for the WIFI to work, as well as our few speedy days relaxing days on the Goan beach. No matter how much time something seemingly is, it feels faster or slower here.

Our first couple days in Bangalore felt slow, almost like weeks. I'm not sure if it was because of fatigue from lack of sleep and jet lag or if it was because the learning environment was so different from my life back in the States. Time moved slow then, but I was happily enjoying everything the city of Bangalore had to offer.

Three weeks later our days of field trips and tours came to a screeching halt. I couldn’t fathom how quickly weeks went by. Now looking back it was amazing how many places we visited and how many miles we traveled by bus. In a matter of three weeks we visited probably 23 different sites to the best of my memory, some being organizations and others a flower market, jaggary making facility, and temples. How our professors and TAs were able to fit all those events and travel times into that small amount of time astonishes me, but it also makes me very thankful. Being exposed to so many different areas, organizations, NGOs, people, and resources has really made my learning experience here memorable.

I began to think that time will progress faster once we started working with our local organizations and get into the swing of an everyday work life. However, that hasn’t been the case. Being with our organizations now for 2 weeks, time hasn’t moved any faster. At this stage in the program, assignments, meetings, deliverables, and project due dates are nearing and causing a lot of stress between groups. Internal issues and kinks are being worked out filling some of the little time people have, but is an important skill to go through and learn as a group. This timely process is seemingly going to be a steep climb from this point on, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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