The Wisdom That's Forgotten

|Author: Rachel|

The bright lights and beautifully presented displays elevated the quality of the VR mall to the point where I'd say it's the fanciest mall I have ever been in. When first entering the outer gates, I was greeted with the sound of tiny fountains squirting from the ground and a child running through them trying not to get splashed.

There were bright lights shining on displays of sculptors, but I didn't mind them as Cat and I were trying to look for the dessert bazaar. Inside the mall there was a grocery store, where the products looked so clean and aesthetically organized that I wanted to buy everything. There were also employees in every section waiting to entice you with samples, which is how I ended up spending two times more than I should have on an 8 oz bottle of orange juice.

Once leaving the mall, we had some time to spare before our Uber got there so we spent time looking at the displays. The first one that caught my eye was maybe an elephant? It was made with black garbage bags and empty soda bottles. As I looked more closely at all the displays and the descriptions accompanying them I realized how deeply thought out and intentional they were, like the sculpture of a fish that was going extinct.

The one that stuck with me though, was a poem of how the earth freed the artist's spirit and how he has learned from it. It ended with, "It is because of you I exist and all I can do is share with the world the wisdom that's forgotten." This moving poem accompanied by the sculpture of a circle made of both waste and nature made me remember the impact that words and art can have.

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