The Law of Physics

|Author: Kayla|

My eyes flutter open and my arms stretch across my body. As they land beside my legs I feel the evidence of a nocturnal attack. To my horror, I discover that I have been eaten alive. As I attempt to progress through my day, my aura of calm dissipates and the discomfort of my 32 bug bites swells.

Throughout that day, almost everyone took turns commenting on the feast that was my legs. People either told me they were concerned for me, said they could no longer complain about their own reactions to bites, or informed me that I looked like I had some sort of disease. I had surmised this would be a typical reaction, but I had not anticipated the way in which people wanted to help: the way in which Gavin, on his own, came to my room and brought me anti-itch cream, bug spray, and Benadryl, the way in which Megan helped me decide which allergy medication would be most effective, and the way in which each member of GCIL continually checked up on me and my bites.

I believe that this desire to care for others is truly a unique aspect that our group possesses. I am unsure if this altruistic behavior has formed as a result of being together while witnessing some of the hardships people face in this country, or if it manifested after seeing everyone hit their lows—whether that was through food poisoning or through being told their once “perfect” project has now become unfeasible-- or if it has been picked up from being surrounded by the generous Indian hospitality.

The law of physics says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This certainly fits. For every swollen bug bite, there is an opposite experience that has been far superior in meaning. The welts will vanish in a number of days but the impact of my experiences never will.

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