The GCIL Family Tree

|Author: Amanda|

Considering that my thoughts and emotions regarding GCIL are one big jumbled ball of chaos, it felt only right to continue my brainchild from a few weeks back. While, no, this is not the Hunger Games comparison list – that can come later, this is another one of my extreme analogies to describe the innerworkings of our GCIL family. Please let this spark arguments or discussion or straight up confusion as this is in no way concrete but just a product of my delusion.

Hannah – the fairy god father that oversees all the chaos that a family like ours can produce, whether that is from the nurse’s office in the retirement home or just sitting in your signature rocking chair, he’s always looking out for us

Thea – the fairy god mother that keeps a second set of eyes on our jumble of our family, in between taking care of Hannah – her counterpart – she is misleading everyone on her age as somehow this god mother is only 30

Ross – the divorced wife from a heart wrenching separation with Mike and instead of coping with her internal struggles, she creates the farm that Cat later works on to sustain the entire family’s meal plan

Garrett – the fiancé in the thruple with Sophie and Tristan, while being a skater dad wasn’t his original purpose in life, he has found a great balance between raising Kayla and trying to keep up with Tony Hawk’s life journey

Rachel – the permanent houseguest of Cat as she came to the farm 3 and a half years ago to eat the delicious farm to table cuisine, but just never left and has now become a concrete branch in the family tree

Tori – the most necessary marriage counselor between Ross and Mike, while the marriage still fell flat, she is crucial to this relationship as her expertise ensures that Gavin is still raised in a nurturing home

Kevin - the foreign exchange student from Turkey that we just aren’t quite sure how he showed up but is now seemingly a blood related family member that’s not leaving anytime soon

Rob – the honorable son of myself, whom somehow learned Turkish overnight just so that he could converse with the ambiguous foreign exchange student – so much so that within 4 months they got married and pregnant with Cat

Cat – the adopted daughter of Kevin – after his undeniable joint placement into the family – and rob – the honorable son, whom grows up to finds her place on the family farm training cows and chicken

Sandra – the family chicken that has been nurtured and loved by Cat, exceedingly so that now this chicken has a separate room in the house and even gets their nails done by the family beautician

Kayla – the daughter of thruple between Tristan, Garrett, and Sophie that has somehow managed to survive in an unconventional manner prompting strange allergic relations and cannibalistic tendencies with bananas

Taryn – the household beta fish, obviously swimming in a 360-degree tank situated in the middle of the house, but a dangerous fish as she has killed 6 other beta-fish within the last week

Lolo – the daughter of myself, a warm family member that always has both the strangest and best ideas, I mean consider this, she is the reason the family bought our aggressive beta fish Suki – the giddy aunt of Kevin and Rob and the favorite child of Julie and Cam, she is most likely the reason Kevin and Rob got married in 4 months as she has so much love that it is equally as contagious as coronavirus

Tristan – the father to Mike and the son of Julie, with such an intense craving to ensure that his children have an incredible life, he throws Mike into joint soccer and boy scout camp at the young age of 5 hoping to train him to be just like his good friend, Louie

Mike – the 18-year son that skips his daily boy scout camp to go to the corner store for ice cream, not only to satisfy his sweet tooth but more importantly to bring back every family member their favorite flavor

Tessa – the daughter of myself, who has perfected the homemade family apple pie recipe, only meant to be accompanied with humorous conversations about her insane lived experiences obviously over a glass of wine

Sophie – the wife to Tristan and the fiancée to Garrett, Sophie intensely watches over her 20- year old son Mike and Kayla ensuring that their upbringing is nothing short of exceptional and entertaining to say the least

Cam - the grandpa that gives us prophetic words of wisdom over a steaming plate of weekly pancakes, coffee, and lots of laughs sitting at the diner she’s being going to for 70 years Julie – the wise grandma that met Cam at the diner 65 years back, and even though she will take an hour to eat one bowl of soup, she can and will still put men in their place at a whopping 108 years old

Rebecca – the unrelated, but extremely related rad aunt that everyone races to sit next to at thanksgiving because it’s always going to end with her telling you the secrets of the universe Shannon – the daughter of Rebecca, accompanying her to thanksgiving and providing endless amounts of bread rolls and uncalled for, but necessary massages between the different courses

Eric – the youngest grandson that willingly goes to do chores with Cam – his grandmother; meanwhile, also being the problem child in class as he somehow has managed to steal 3 full boxes of crayons from kindergarten

Gavin – the son of Ross and Mike that was strangely the first to hold his younger sister, Megan after birth and has become the nurturing, gentle older half-brother we didn’t know we needed

Megan - thing one of the sister combination that we must protect at absolutely all costs simply to can ensure the longevity of her internal goodness

Vero – thing two of the sister combination that could have been adopted from BC or could also be produced from some insane Thai boxing guru, while being intimidated of her black belts we also greatly appreciate her protective presence

Julian - (I apologize in advance) our family OBGYN that has somehow helped produce 27 perfectly chaotic children by individually cutting each umbilical cord

Deborah - our family psychiatrist that is crucial considering the insane family dynamic thus needing to facilitate countless disagreements

Bujin - the daughter of Deborah – our family psychiatrist - whom enjoys belting lady marmalade in the middle of counseling sessions, just to stir the pot

Meenakshi/Elbin/Tipu - our “Party Rock Anthem” next door neighbors that share familial experiences with us in both small and big gatherings

GCIL is an exhausting, inspiring, and transformative process but when you strip away all the mentor meetings, blogs, reports, etc. what stands alone is us: the GCIL family. Maybe our projects won’t create long lasting change within India, but scrap that – look at what we do have, the most confusing, loving, and entertaining family ever. So, to all my sons, daughters, siblings, grandparents, pets, psychiatrist, and more, thank you for the last 10 weeks and thank you for your contribution to our GCIL family.

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