The Fog

|Author: Tristan|

The fog is burning off as I write this. Big puffy clouds are revealed. This land is incredible. In the winter, before the monsoon, there is no rain, but the light hazy fog deposits its moisture on the land every night. I love washing my dishes and brushing my teeth because the stream water is so warm. The water always feels refreshing without ever feeling cold.

– I am sipping on a sesame drink. It is brown. It is sweet, refreshing, but strong. The jaggery has such a strong flavor. Papa would love jaggery. It is sweet, but has twice as much flavor as the darkest brown sugar –

– Turns out banana is a ginger –

– I had a deep conversation with Anik, Savita’s husband. He answered one of my big questions… I asked him if development is good. He said the issue with most countries is that everything is measured by GDP. Instead, everything should be measured by a happiness index. I asked him if medicine is good. He looked startled and said, “They already have medicine from the plants and the earth.” –

– It’s lunchtime, I’m excited and a bit pressured to finish my writing. –

– We visited a Halakki tribe family today, we got to ride in the back of the jeep through the jungle. Along with riding a scooter along a coast, this is another one of my most favorite things. When we arrived at the family’s house, there were seven women sitting on a tarp that was covered in rice grass. They were bundling the rice up to have it whacked on a bamboo table to remove the rice. They let us try, and it was super fun. Savita constantly tells us that we need to document this and that, “You are the first people to document this, it will be gone in 10 or 15 years.” It’s a lot of pressure. It’s also very special to be given this responsibility. –

– I try to imagine if this is a life that I would want. Is this a life that would make me happy? If I wanted a life like this, where could I go to do this? These people live in an amazing place, and they live in harmony with nature, maybe I could make this happen. But they also have a connection with the land, incredible knowledge about the land, big families, and tight communities. I don’t think I could ever have this in the same way that makes this experience so special. –

– Anik suggested just live in harmony with nature and you’ll be happy. And also “Don’t be materialistic, greed never ends.” –

– It’s Lunch time babyyy!! –

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