The First Last

|Author: Cat|

I knew Future Me would thank Past Me when I volunteered the first day to have my blog post written by the following morning. I'm not quite feeling that love as I still completely forgot to write my blog post until, technically, the morning it was due. 12:30 AM. Still, there's a little gratitude. And a little sorrow.

This blog post is the first of my lasts. And Sophie's. And Ross'. The first lasts are going to hit all of us soon. The last Death by Chocolate ice cream. The last dumpling at Social on Church Street. The last prototype before our projects are left in the hands of our organizations. The last lecture in plastic chairs in room T3. More than these lasts that we can all anticipate, I wonder what lasts will slip by unnoticed until it's too late to appreciate what we had., like the last time we have to jump over the massive hole in the sidewalk on the way to the fruit store or the last time we give up on Uber and wave an auto by hand.

It's these little things we don't have back home. I know I'll be frustrated when I buy a coffee for nearly 500% more than it costs here, but what happens when I'm craving a mango lassi and restaurants can't compare? What about when I want to eat with my hands at a nice restaurant or read the thought of the day written on Parikrma's blackboards every day? Some things won't be the same, and others won't exist at all. At least, they won't exist where I can still reach them.

In my first blog post I wrote about being homesick. I wrote about having a hard time adjusting to India and thought about missing my family, my pets, my friends. But when I go back, I think I will miss my GCIL family, Bianca the dog, and all of my SJC friends. It's starting to hit me now that I'm going to be homesick in Seattle.

All of this insane work, even the Sunday we turned in the report and I felt like I went through battle, it's already becoming nostalgic thanks to my first last. Someday this project will have a last, and I'll wish I was starting it over again. In no time the days where I was desperate for my own bed and typical life will be completely forgotten while I remember Mysore, Hampi, Goa, and Pondicherry this coming weekend. I'll remember the struggles and triumphs with my group and smile.

We've come through a lot. We might be beginning to experience the lasts of this trip, so let's treasure it. We have a lot more firsts coming.

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