The Aftermath

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

|Author: Sandra|

Today is the big day.

Waking up from a 3-hour nap, my eyes refused to open. I had been working on this for the last month, but I still had mixed feelings about the day ahead of me. Torn between nervousness and excitement, I struggled to get out of bed. The rush began when Suki knocked on my door, asking if I was ready to go, and I was still in my PJ’s. We scrambled to get everything together, and despite checking my list before leaving, we still forgot the water bottles that I had to have Eric bring me later.

Setup was both chaotic and fun, and as more volunteers came in, I grew more and more excited for the event that had finally come together. People trickled in late, which was to be expected, and we rushed through morning presentation to get the groups started close to on time.

Once we got them started, things were both more relaxed and more stressful. Between phone calls, casual conversation, and running around to get food, t-shirts, and gifts set-up, I let the chaos of India take over me and tried my best to go with the flow. I grew to like the feeling of being busy – whether or not it was the same thing as being productive was debatable, but it made me feel that way, nonetheless.

I’ve never put something like this together before and seeing all the pieces that me and Suki worked so tirelessly on come together was rewarding beyond what words could describe. I’m so so grateful for the mentors that supported us when we had no plan whatsoever and kept pushing us to work harder. I’m grateful for my Hasiru Dala team, that was compassionate and understanding with my loads of stress and distractions. I’m grateful for everyone who came out and worked hard for the 11 hours we were there, who pushed themselves on their day off in hopes of learning and growing in an area we’ve only scratched the surface of. I’m grateful for my GCIL family that listened to me and Suki complain about our lack of sleep and funding for the last two weeks. Lastly, I’m grateful that it’s over. It’s finally time for a good night of sleep.

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