That's no Franz brioche!

|Author: Shirley|

Yesterday, I claimed that I would start today. But after the wonderful seafood pasta, chili mushroom stir fry, green apple goat cheese arugula salad, and multiple Kingfishers I just shared with Anjanee for Valentine’s Day dinner, I’ve decided that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just starting tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Or…who am I kidding? At this rate, I’ll probably just end up starting the night before, 5 weeks from now.

That’s right, in 5 short weeks, I’ll be walking awkwardly down the aisle of a fancy Chinese restaurant decorated with far too many flowers and hearts to prove my undying love for my already-husband, in an overly sparkly white dress that will surely suffocate me because it’s half a size too small (or rather, because I am half a size too big). As my hubby, whose favorite clothes are T-shirts printed with cheesy logos that he designed himself and who hates attention and prefers the Internet over people (including me), puts it, “We’ll make it through this tribulation somehow.”

He’s right, we will. (And the way he describes a beautiful wedding ceremony with our closest friends and family as a tribulation and one of the worst things we’ve ever had to do is why I love him.) Still, I thought that it would have been a lot easier to lose those 8ish pesky pounds here in India. I was sure that I would tire of the food after a week and find eating to be somewhat of a chore anyways, thus forcing me into an accidental diet. After all, I only have South Indian food about once a year at home. I’m also one of those pretentious Seattle foodies who regularly says things like “THAT’S your favorite pho restaurant?! Have you even been to the original Pho Bac on Rainier though?” and “The bun’s alright, but it’s no Franz brioche.”

Boy, was I wrong though. The incredible, bordering on outrageous, selection of cheap and delicious ice creams, lassis, and milk shakes alone has absolutely destroyed all of my best laid plans. I mean, real mango ice cream topped with several fresh lychee, nuts, and whipped cream for 100 rupees?! A perfectly-blended ragi milk shake infused with chocolate for 45 rupees?! Thank you! Don’t mind if I do!

And what about an entire Chipotle-sized peri peri chicken burrito with all the fixings for $3?! And a four-course meal consisting of peri peri fries, way too many tandoori chicken wings, an oversized spicy chicken burger, an infinitely delicious banana caramel milkshake, and a warm oozy chocolate tart for only $8?! Yes, thanks again!

This is not even mentioning any of the more traditional foods I’ve had the pleasure of regularly indulging in including crisp, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth dosas; beautifully seasoned biryanis; intoxicatingly aromatic fish curries with appam; warm semiya kheer sweetened with just the right amount of jaggery; soft and crumbly idlis paired with perfectly-textured coconut chutney and sambar; chai, chai, chai,; and of course, chapatis rolled with love and care and then cooked to perfection by Xavier, Moses, and Sanjay at ISI.

Yeah, I’m not going to fit into that dress very well, but who really cares?!

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