|Author: Taryn||

Stress, panic, fear, anxiety, and more stress have all started to kick in. And, no, it’s not really because of the recent spread of coronavirus; I’m talking about our GCIL projects. The past 5 weeks have been nothing compared to what is to come in the next 10 days. It seemed like every week before this felt like we had so much more time to figure out what problem to focus on and what our solution could be. Even at the point of turning in our report, we still had time to completely pivot and change our project. Those weeks spent questioning what the next steps should be and wondering if we should flip a 180 on our project are now over, unless we want to spend literally all day and all-night working, which I honestly do not want to do at all.

I’ve found it tough to find a passion for road safety, which makes it even more difficult to work on our project and put the effort needed into it. I want to do something that I am proud of, something that is memorable and makes an impact on improving road safety. But there are points where I just want to give up. Road safety is nothing close to what I want to do in my life, so at times I question what is the point of all this if I will never do this again? When I catch myself in these moods, I have to remind myself that I cannot let my group down by having these selfish thoughts.

It’s that point in the 4th quarter championship where our team is down by 10 with 2 minutes left, there’s no time to waste every move needs to be calculated and every player needs to have their head in the game, no matter how exhausted we are. Giving up in the championship is not an option; your teammates and coaches are counting on you to push through and give it all you got. If I go home with a loss knowing that I could’ve persevered and won, I will be consumed with frustration and disappointment.

Even though road safety may not be my forte, I find passion for our project by working with my group. I’ve learned so much from every member, from how to work well together and to having heart to hearts about topics none of us have navigated. In the end, as long as our team stays focused we will be able to come out with the trophy.

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