Sound and Color

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

| Author: Carmen |

There is one chapter of The Ground Beneath Her Feet (a book I am currently reading) called “Sound and Silence.” I’ve been thinking about these two opposites, especially in Bangalore. From the moment we exited the airport and entered the world of 2 AM traffic, I understood that this city is a noisy one. Being on the streets is like being in an orchestra of horns, where every instrumentalist has a different score. Each person is on their own rhythm and cannot anticipate their neighbor’s next note. It sounds like chaos, looks like chaos, and feels like chaos.

There is something tranquil, however, in participating in this madness. It’s found in momentarily letting go to one’s intuition regarding road safety and learning to trust one’s driver. Of course, I certainly freaked out when my auto rickshaw driver was navigating ten lanes of merging traffic and trying to squeeze in between two large fast-moving trucks. I realized though that my driver knows these Indian roads and behaviors better than anyone.

Silence is easily taken advantage of back home in Seattle. Nights for me are usually quiet besides the occasional bus, and early mornings in Ravenna Park are as still as can be. In Bangalore, it can be hard to find silence in a place like this; I didn’t realize that I would miss this sound. However, what fills the silence can be beautiful sounds not found in Seattle: the melodic early morning prayers interjected by Bangalorean birds and the chitter chatter of Kannada and Hindi outside my window. All these new sounds make waking up a new experience.

I’m excited to experience this transition from Winter to Spring in the next 2.5 months. Perhaps it won’t look or sound too different. But these were my initial observations of the last 48 hours in Bangalore, and I know that there is so much to learn about this city.

Stillness in Potterytown, Bangalore

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