Sorting Waste

|Author: Rachel|

My group walked around a park near Saahas’s office waiting for our point of contact, who was a little behind due to traffic. The procrastinator within me was glad we had another 10 minutes to sit in the cool garden, surrounded by grass and flowering bushes. In 10 minutes, it felt like the true work was going to start. And I knew that it would be hard. But now, after completing the first two days with Saahas, I am excited to solve the design challenge put before us. On our second day, we met Arun, who went into more depth about what Saahas would like from us. I thought it was cool that he spent a few years studying in London - I swear he had some traces of a British accent with his Indian one.

The more I have heard of Saahas, the more incredible I realize they are, in all the work they have accomplished in the last couple of years. The importance of scalability in a startup is something that has stuck with me from the last couple of weeks, and it is interesting to identify they ways in which Saahas has scaled and their goals for it in the future.

Afterwards, we visited the Materials Recycling Facility. Seeing how the dry waste was sorted - by colored paper, toilet paper, and clear plastic or white plastic - I am shocked with how much more careful I need to be with my own waste. I remember my friend from two years ago who made us walk into three different UW buildings to find a compost bin for her compostable wrapper, and I wondered if she knew the amount of work that goes into properly segregating waste and the impact that it can have. I realize that I am going to learn more than how to tackle hard problems while I am here with Saahas - I am also going to learn how to make better decisions in my own personal waste management.

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