Safety or Cost?

|Author: SuKyong|

Alright. Every time when I said, "I am leaving for Delhi," friends, especially local friends, were quick to explain how dangerous Delhi is. It made me so scared that I did not want to be by myself even one second. However, I had to go from the Delhi airport to a hotel, which would take 40 minutes by car, by myself. I decided to book a hotel pick-up service. However, I realized I was not willing to pay about 2,800 rupees (39 dollars) for just transportation. It was 4 times more expensive than the Uber price! I had to decide whether I would ensure my safety or worry about the price. I ended up choosing the price, but saying, 'If I die outside the Delhi airport, that would be quite sad.'

I arrived at the Delhi airport. There were amazingly beautiful and creative sculptures informing me that I was in Delhi. Right after getting my check-in bag, I ordered uber in the airport. Since my friend told me that there would be many taxi drivers trying to pull me into them, I wanted to be prepared inside of the airport, imagining that there would be a lot of random dangerous people outside.

Okay, with Uber almost there, I stepped outside of the airport and started to walk toward the Uber pick-up area. Unlike what everyone had told me, there was nobody trying to pull at me or make me uncomfortable. It had a similar atmosphere to the Seattle-Tacoma airport or Incheon airport.

Great. I took the Uber and opened my google map to consistently check where I was. Everything seemed great until one phone call. My driver stopped the car on the left line and started to talk with a guy from the phone call. All of a sudden, he picked up his phone and put in a destination that was not my hotel name. Then he started to follow the map. I was confused. I was worried and scared. My friend who was talking on the phone told me to call the police immediately. However, I could not make any decision on the car. What if the driver figured out that I called the police? Should I open this door right now, and jump to the ground? Many thoughts passed through my mind. However, I could not make a single decision rather, I just sat staring at my google map hoping the driver was a nice person.

Long story short, I got to the hotel safely and enjoyed my 1 and half days tour of Delhi. The fear of Delhi came from being in an unknown situation that I could not hardly control. To get rid of the fear, I did some background research about the places I would visit.  However, it was still hard to make decisions based on the information that I collected because many people suggested different things. In the end, my priority values became the major deciding factor.s And I put cost before the safety this time although my parents often told me to put safety on top.

It was easy to connect this story with yesterday's lecture on migrant women who are pregnant. Although they knew their work could be harmful to their health, they chose to work because they needed to make money. Although my situation is not quite the same, I could understand why they ended up doing it. A cost that has an immediate impact on life is hard to neglect compared to safety and health which may take a long time to have an effect on life.

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