Rock on Dude

|Author: Shannon|

Getting on the sleeper bus Friday night I didn’t know what to expect in Hampi. Everyone from previous years raved about how pretty it was and told me that out of all the trips it was the one to look forward to. I wasn't convinced until the mention of outdoor rock climbing, and from that moment I knew that I had to go explore. 

When we arrived in Hampi I took a quick power nap to try and gain some energy for the day and headed out with Garrett to go to Hippie Island. The day before Deborah had said “Eeh it’s alright” but when we got off the little boat that took us across the river, it was much more than alright. There were huge, bright green fields surrounded by palm trees and in the distance there were rocks. As we walked closer and closer these massive rock piles began to span the horizon and seemed to go on forever. We did not hesitate to start climbing upward on what seemed to be a vague trail that led to the top of one of the piles. It wasn't long before we came across chalk on some of the rocks and cracks to climb. As we wondered looking for more routes, out of nowhere two girls came out from behind a bush and walked past us. When you think of a stereotypical hippie, that is exactly what they looked like. I don't know what I was expecting on the island, but to say the least there were definitely hippies all around. 

As we climbed up higher you could gradually see more and more of the landscape. The view was beautiful, you could see for miles. You could see the rivers to the hills to the temples in the city. We even saw a herd of goats wandering far below weaving in between the rocks. Even though the sun was blaring and the heat was almost unbearable at times, this has been one of my favorite experiences so far. To see the beauty of the landscape that most people forget about when you say “India” and to be able to see different parts of the country is absolutely amazing. You begin to appreciate what you see around you and all of what India has to offer. What else have I not seen or experienced yet? I guess I have five more weeks to find out.

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