Updated: Jan 31, 2019

|Author: Henk|

It was about 10 o’clock in the morning and I was sitting riverside eating breakfast at a hotel outside Mysore. The sun was shining. The weather was pleasant, as it seems to always be here. I look down to my side and greet the hotel cat, he purrs then quickly shows his fangs. 'He must just be hungry,' I think to myself foolishly. Moments later as I stretch out my legs beneath the table I feel what seems to be a small mouth followed by sharp pain on my big toe. What the…? Did that cat just bite me? Sure enough it had. I’ve always disliked cats, I find them untrustworthy and conniving. This one only added to the mounting evidence.

Refraining from yelling at this miserable animal, I focused my attention back to the food and peaceful setting. I soon forgot about the four legged demon lurking beneath the tables.

It wasn’t until the next day while climbing down a large hill outside Mysore that my attention was brought back to the cat bite. As we strolled down the steps dodging monkeys diving at our Limcas, somehow the topic of rabies was brought up. I offhandedly mention to the group the vicious attack I suffered and my colleague Lester asks, “You ever worry about rabies?” As my mind flashes between the monkeys, my toe, to the hotel and the crazed eyes of that cat, then back to the monkeys, then back to my toe, I think, “Well, I am now!”

Long story short I decided to get vaccinated for rabies. In fact, I’m writing this blog post while sitting in the ER of the local hospital, awaiting my third of five rabies vaccination shots. If it weren’t for modern medicine, and the extremely helpful and professional hospital staff in Bangalore, situations like this could be far from humorous. I appreciate that aspect for a moment as I reflect on what led me here. This includes several bouts of browsing the internet about rabies risk, a story about a local college students rabies induced death via a dog scratch, over an hour on the phone with international insurance, 8 Ubers to and from the hospital, several hours in the ER waiting room, and two physician's frank advice.

Suddenly I feel an immense amount of animosity toward that hotel cat. I mean immense. However, I also realize that cat was merely acting on primitive instinct; it couldn’t control its actions nor meant me any harm. I can come to peace and forgive it.

Just kidding, I still feel the same way… to be honest I want to strangle that d@mn animal!

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