Only The Beginning

|Author: Megan|

So here it is – my goodbye blog.

Today is our last Monday in GCIL.

This program is not only ending my time in Bangalore, but also my undergraduate degree at UW. Although this week is filled with goodbyes and endings, I want to focus on what has started!

Fall quarter I had no idea what “The Ugly Indian” was. I had never met Gavin or Hannah.

Fast forward a few months. The sound of flip flops echoes around the third floor. I am relieved – our flip grid star has arrived.

I get a casual text of a video draft – our movie director is full of vision, inspiration and dedication.

I am usually the type of person who dreads group projects. Sometimes it is just easier to work alone. But this experience has made me a group person. I am excited for every day because I get to work with two wonderful hardworking humans. We not only enjoy each other’s company but also inspire each other to be better and do more. We support each other’s ideas and care about each other’s wellbeing. We listen and talk with one another – not only about our project but about life. To my team – thanks for everything and making GCIL and Bangalore the experience it was – we still have 6 more days to create an impact together. I could make this longer by listing all the amazing qualities of my team members– but then I will start crying, so I will stick to short and sweet.

Although our time in Bangalore is ending, I know our friendships are just beginning.

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