On Time

| Author: Evan L. |

Recently, I have been thinking about how we experience time. Pretentious topic I know, but bear with me and maybe we will go somewhere. I am not be the first person among my fellow students to remark that time has passed much slower here in Bangalore. It feels like we have been here for so much more than just 5 full days. This is in no way due to the common perpetrator boredom; in just the first few days, I feel like I have had a lifetimes worth of information thrown at me. So why is everything moving so slow?

I heard once that we experience time differently when we are faced with a new event. Our perception of time slows down. This apparently explains why, as we get older, time seems to accelerate. We are experiencing far less that is new. From where I heard this, I do not have the slightest clue and there is no way for me to possibly prove its accuracy so for the poetic purposes of this short self-important blog post we will take the statement at face value.

I think it is fair to say that in Bangalore we have been experiencing new things. For me this has been new languages, customs, scenery, streets, people, and problems. Well actually, let me take that back the problems are not so new. This is a city faced with water resource challenges, air quality issues, poor city planning, and a rapidly increasing population to name what comes immediately to mind. I do not know about you but when I look at these problems, I see what many cities across the world are faced with.

So, this is where the tricky part begins. Right now, everything is moving slowly, but eventually over our 10 week stay in Bangalore events will become more familiar and time will begin to speed up again. Thus, the familiarity of these problems also seems unfortunate as by the previously established logic our time to consider them will only seem shorter. 10 weeks right now seems like forever, but that is just right now at day 5.

At this point I think it has become apparent that I am overthinking. Really all I can do is to learn the more nuanced nature of these problems and attempt to figure out how I, as a stranger in this city, can make some sort of positive impact. Also, I can hope that I have enough time.

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