Ode to Adarsh

|Author: Henry|

Last night, I attempted to say goodbye to my closest friend from SJC, Adarsh. Adarsh is going to Kochi this weekend and thus we won’t we another opportunity to meet up before I fly out of here on Sunday night. Unfortunately, Adarsh couldn’t make it out of his parents’ house and now I’m stuck with him leaving our soccer game on Tuesday with a potential injury as my last interaction with him.

For those of you who might not know Adarsh, he’s been aptly described as “SJC’s Henk,” but that might be giving Henk too much credit. This guy doesn’t quite live in the moment so much as he lives about 5 moments behind. Last I checked he still hadn’t started his 10,000-word final portfolio that’s due next week, and according to our mutual friends that know him well, he still hasn’t memorized his class schedule for this semester. I wouldn’t go as far to say I see myself in some of his character traits, but I also won’t say that I would be any further than him given a similar portfolio assignment.

I hope this doesn’t sound more like a love letter than a blog, but I guess my point is that I’m shocked to find myself forming a better connection in 6 weeks with someone across the globe from where I live than I currently have with a couple of the people I live with back in Seattle. To be fair, SJC kids represent an incredibly unique demographic within Bangalore that has far more exposure to Western culture than most Indians. But I see it in the Dream School too; certain boys and girls behave identically to how my friends and I did growing up.

These revelations, however, are probably pretty indicative of just how naïve I was as to what India, or any Eastern society, would feel like. I came with zero expectations and still managed to get just about everything wrong. Amongst all the misconceptions though, it’s incredibly refreshing to see recognizable mannerisms in just about every single person I meet and connecting with them through something that’s just a little bit deeper than language.

I try to bring you all something unique each week I step up here, but I think my least favorite part of these blogs is that everything I write sounds like it’s already been said by someone. Here I am now detailing my astonishment at finding common ground with someone from another culture as if I’m the first to experience it. Regardless though, I hope the relationships I’ve made here will last longer than anything I’ve done in this country.  

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