Next Steps

|Author: Tristan|

For our GCIL projects we must answer 16 important questions thoroughly and poignantly. The second to last question is “Do you have a clearly articulated plan for the next steps?” This is meant to be answered in the context of the solution that each team created, but it is also meant to make us think about what it would take for us, personally, to implement our solution. The GCIL fellowship is an exciting prospect for many former and current GCIL students, but I am not sure if I am as excited. In this blog post I will describe my personal “clearly articulated plan for the next steps?”

First, I will return home as soon as the program is over and have a vacation in Seattle with my friends and family. After Spring quarter, I will go to France for a month to visit my grandparents and attempt to boost my French identity. At the beginning of August, I will begin my extremely lucrative job building substations for wind and solar renewable energy projects. I will continue with this job for two to four years and build a very strong financial base. At this point, my path will veer off into two different directions and I will have to make a choice.

My first path is an exciting dirt path that meanders into the inviting woods. It leads to beginning a social entrepreneurship enterprise where I could be successful enough to live a happy meaningful life that is financially stable enough for me. My second path is a wide, straight concrete road the with the constant roar of traffic. It leads me to wealth beyond currency in the form of property and land. It leads me to the winning side of the financially splitting world, the world of the rich and the poor, the world of the haves and the have nots, the world of extreme wealth and extreme servitude.

We constantly hear in the news about the horrific monster that is the capitalism, maturing at a startling rate, as wealth becomes more and more polarized on a global scale. And thus, for fear of my children’s and grandchildren’s well being, I will take the disgusting cement path. I will use my strong financial base that has taken generations to build up to collect real estate and grow my land ownership. I will steal from the common people, so my children are not stolen from. I will eat off the backs of the hardworking people, so my children’s backs never break. I will squeeze every dollar out of innocent people, so my children’s hopes and dreams never shrivel.

I believe in my team’s project. It would be an enjoyable, feasible project, with a great return on investment. I would invest the money in this project without a second thought, but I would never invest the time. So my next steps are not to make my social venture real, my next steps are to grow lasting generational wealth.

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