Netflix and I

|Author: Bujin|

I am addicted to Netflix to the point where I would sometimes prefer having a date night with Netflix than going out with real people. Scrolling through Netflix for good thirty minutes looking for something new to watch and end up watching Friends for the zillionth time is one of the most crucial part of my routine. And last week, I Netflixed for the first time in three weeks. It was the highlight of last week, even last month. You see, I like watching films and shows more than anything, even eating beef. And god knows I cried after I had a beef dish for the first time in almost four weeks. I hope you get the picture of how it felt when I loaded on my laptop, lying under a pink bed net which, according to my friend Cristina, makes you feel like a princess.

The thing that was powerful enough to make me stay away from my daily routine was the prototype to our solution we, team Biome, came up with to address a grand challenge we identified. And even though almost all of the tool books we have read so far advised us not to fall in love with the solution, I was just all in. I believed it was a good solution and that it will work, it will be effective and it will the give the outcome we wanted. And when I was asked the what if questions, “What if it doesn’t work”, “What if you are just wasting your time and effort” and all the different “What if”s, I said “ Well that means we failed. And I guess we will learn from it and try again”. 

I know falling in love with the solution is toxic in many ways and that people have different opinions about it. But my question is “ How exactly we are going to push ourselves 100% when we don’t believe in the solution 100%?" I would instead say, “ Fall in love with your solution. If it breaks your heart, go fall in love with another one. But make sure they are worth falling for.”

Today, team Biome will pivot and try to find a new problem or a different solution to the problem we worked on last four weeks. We are not pivoting because the old one broke our heart, we are pivoting because we wanted to explore and learn about different problems and different solutions. And we are given the opportunity to pivot. I am so proud of what we accomplished as a team so far and I am sure we will fall in love whatever we choose as our solution and work like crazy for the three weeks we have left. Goodbye Netflix, see you in three weeks.

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