My people

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

| Author: XD |

I woke up before my alarm started ringing by the humming of prayers from the nearby mosque at 5:30 am. I've been in Bangalore for a few days and we have been eating a lot of food. All this energy has been building up in my body. It is time to make use of it. I got dressed in my UW ultimate reversible and was ready to bolt out the door. A sense of paranoia filled my head before I could do that. I didn't know the people I'm meeting up with other than a small conversation over WhatsApp. Who knows if they were going to rob me when I get there. So I decided to send a quick text to my friend about where I'm going and when I'm coming back just to be safe. But after all, these were the locals who played with a member of GCIL from last year’s program.

The streets of Bangalore was still filled with moonlight and shadows. There was a surprising amount of people already up and ready for the day in this busy city. It was a short ten minutes jog to the field, but that felt like an eternity because of all the food that I ate the past couple of days. I had to keep reminding myself of the work I promised my teammates that I’ll put in while in India.

Occasionally, there would be dogs barking at me from the shadows that helped me run a little quicker.

By the time I arrived to the yellow dirt field commonly found in Bangalore, the sun had already peaked its head over the horizon. I scanned the field for the flying disc, but it was nowhere to be seen; only groups of people cracking their bat at cricket balls. I went to the only group of people not playing cricket. As I got closer, I recognized the familiar sight of a disc. It was my people! Everyone introduced themselves and I hardly remembered any names since I was still adjusting to Indian names. But that didn’t matter because this 175 grams of white plastic told us all we needed to know about each other. We kicked up the dust and send the disc into the air. I was with my people.

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