My Half An Hour

|Author: Thea|

5:30 pm.

We were all excited that we can have our meeting and working space at Third Wave tonight. It is the cafe that Elbin had recommended to visit even before I came to Bangalore. It’s been more than eight weeks and I only have the chance now. Has it been that long ago when we first arrived here in India? I lost my sense of time once we came back from Goa.

Lately, team BuDa has been working hard to refine our problem and to pivot our solution, yet it’s been unproductive for the past three working days. It was frustrating that we couldn’t agree on our problem but let me walk you through it. Our team has been working with rural and tribal communities to identify the problems that they are facing everyday. We identified some of the struggles that they have with agriculture, which is a major industry in these communities. It begins with the seasonal nature of agriculture that leads to inevitable seasonal unemployment, that leads to leaving of community, that leads to migration to the city, that possibly leads to lower quality of life, and that potentially leads to depression—the number one mental health problem in rural communities, informed to us by the healthcare professionals at Saint John Medical Clinic. So it seems each part of our problem is linked and is a grand challenge itself.

A grand challenge within a grand challenge? Absolutely! It is the grand challenge inception and to solve it, it is a grand challenge itself . Regardless, grand challenge accepted!


The GCIL tab at Third Wave is opened now and I am getting in line to order. Looking at the menu, it reminded me of the conversation I had earlier with Lorena and Hannah. “ Man, I can’t wait to go to the cafe tonight and have 5 shots of espresso,” said Lorena. “Even if it may give you heart attack if you take them all at once?” Hannah responded calmly. We all looked at each other and said, “ Yeah, but let’s just do it.” I smiled as I stepped closer to the counter to order an extra strong matcha latte aka my version of 5 shots of espresso! Cheers!

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