|Author: Lorena|

I love going to movie theaters, so when I was invited to the movies I said yes without hesitation. Right away we noticed a problem. All the movies were either in Hindi or Kannada and did not have English subtitles. We debated on the movie for a long time, me saying I was fine with watching a movie even if I didn’t understand what was going, and them saying that we should watch a movie we all can understand. In the end, I reluctantly agreed to watch an English movie, Bad Boys for Life.

When we got to the theater, the first thing I noticed was that we were half an hour late. I pointed this out and they just shrugged and said, “Everyone’s late in India.” Once we found our seats, I noticed two more things: all the alcoholic labels were blurred out, and every curse word starting with mother and ending with c-k-e-r was bleeped out. Weirdly enough that made the movie even funnier.

Halfway through the movie, the screen went black and the lights turned on. Confused by the fact that the movie cut off in the middle of a scene, I was informed that there’s a 10-15-minute intermission. I asked why and got a reply of “Who wants to watch a movie for 3 hours straight?” I agree, I get tired of seating for long periods but I’m accustomed to sitting and watching an entire movie all at once, no matter the length. Although the intermission caught me off guard, I enjoyed it. We were able to walk outside, grab a bite to eat and come back.

To no one's surprise, we were late once again. 

Not to spoil the movie but they catch the villain in the end. Bad Boys for Life wasn’t like the first two but it was still good nonetheless, not because of the storyline, or the jokes, but because I was able to watch it in India.

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