|Author: Bujin|

I was seventeen when my dad brought a Turkish Angorian as a new family member and I just gave all my heart away to that tiny white fur ball. Cats pretend they are not listening when you call their names, they poo all over the place as a punishment for not cleaning their litter box to their standards, and they make you go sleepless with their crazy nighttime routine. In one words, cats are awesome.

My loyalty to cats, and only to cats, ended last Thursday. I am deeply ashamed to announce that I cheated on my cat with a dog we named Marbles Longrie-Lopez. On Thursday, the first day of our rural visit, a dog with an infected eye was keep following us. The odds of me getting emotionally attached to that dog were minimal after what happened to Henry and the dog’s eye situation. But she was keep following us, protected us from other stray dogs, and waited outside while we have our meetings with the locals. When we came back for the second day, she was waiting outside of the WWF building like we had an appointment with her.  How did she even know we will come there? I will never know. But one thing I knew was I was opening up to a dog for the first time, and not just to a regular dog but to an Indian stray dog with one eye. 

In my last blog I talked about how India is changing my perspectives. And it is still doing the same. I was planning to become a cat lady when I turn seventy, now I have to add dogs into the picture. 

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