Laundry Reflection

|Author: Robert|

I filled a bucket about half full, then poured about half a handful of powdered detergent into the bucket. Watching all the crystals sink to the bottom and not mix with the water made me question how clean my clothes would actually get? I then proceeded with my socks, putting them on like mittens to stir the water. As they soaked up the soapy water I started to rub my hands together in attempt to get some of the dirt stains out. As I was scrubbing, the action reminded me of a cold day in Seattle. Rubbing hands together to bring yourself the slightest bit of warmth. A little chore like this reminded me of home, but also lead me to reflecting on what I have done here.

It is day two working with our local NGOs. My meeting with the Institute of Public Health was yet another informational dump. My team and I felt like we "were drinking from a fire hose” as Ross would say. So much information all coming at once made it seem almost impossible to retain. Rather than questioning and interrupting every thought our team leads had, I practiced just listening in hope of retaining as much as possible. The day ended with only 4 or 5 of our questions being answered, but the responses we received left us with a solid foundation on Indian policies.

I still can’t help but remember the presentation we saw on visual storytelling. After the presentation the speaker was informed that my team was working on a road safety project. He proceeded to laugh and wish us good luck. “Road safety is one of the grandest challenges of them all.” This comment seemed daunting at first, but that intimidation then grew into excitement for what is to come. I’m excited to learn from such a difficult problem and can’t wait for what’s out there for me to discover.

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