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|Author: Taryn|

On Monday night, I had this amazing idea to write my final blog about each person on our program. I was pretty excited about it and when I explained it to Kayla, she agreed that it was such a good idea. That was, until Kevin decided to do about the same thing in his final post, and then about 5 other people proceeded to complain that they were going to do that, too. So now I’m sitting here, trying to rethink ways that I can possibly sum up this incredible, exhausting and eye-opening experience. But I think I’m still going to stick with my original idea.

Over this trip, there has been an infinite amount of material we have learned. Some of the most important things that will stick with me for a long time to come are not the lectures in T3 or site visits, but what I have learned from my fellow GCIL family. It wasn’t a difficult task to think of one thing someone has taught me over the course of this trip, often it was difficult to even choose just one, so I wanted to share some of the memorable things I have learned from you all.

Thea- You taught me about your beautiful tattoo and how each flower represents someone in your family

Hannah- You taught me that age shouldn’t stop you from pursuing new experiences, even if you’re stuck with a bunch of 20-year old’s for 3 months

Ross- You taught me a lot about Kesha, which I greatly appreciate

Garrett - You taught me to share my opinions even if they’re different from the rest

Rachel – You taught me that someone, amid all this project craziness, can manage to write a book???

Tori - You showed me how to have a perfect posture and now every time I sit by you I feel like I have to do the same

Rob - Thank you for showing me how comfortable your shoulder is so I can take naps in the Uber

Kevin – You taught me how much fun it can be to make friends with the local SJC students and to always be yourself

Cat – You taught me about your unique experience at an ashram

Sandra - You taught me how to make the perfect Instagram photo

Kayla – There is a lot I can say about this one, but I’ve never been close to anyone who is Jewish, and I think it is so interesting learning about your culture and family traditions.

Amanda - You taught me that it’s okay to eat at least 50 pounds of sugar a day

Lolo - You taught me the importance of opening up difficult conversations

Suki – You taught me how delicious Korean food is, thank you.

Tristan – You taught me the value of being honest and how it can really get people to think about their actions and the way they speak to others.

Mike- You taught me that even though you just got married, you are still able to do your own thing and make it work

Tessa - You taught me that you can survive an Indian hospital and make it out ok

Sophie – You taught me why it's always a bad idea to pet stray dogs…and how to escape them. Don’t worry there was no harm to any dogs.

Cam - You taught me how to see from the perspective of other people that I normally wouldn’t think to do

Julie - You taught me how to have the confidence to stand up for other women when they don’t have a voice

Shannon- You taught me that sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough, and you should just wear a shirt

Rebecca- You taught me how to be thoughtful when giving feedback to others

Eric - You taught me to wear shoes on the beach

Gavin - You taught me the value of being brutally honest. Like really brutal.

Vero - You taught me how to be a badass. Period.

Megan - You taught me that a little allergic reaction can’t stop you from having fun

And, of course, Deborah…I think she all taught us a little something about tough love, and I wish I learned how she managed to deal with all 27 of us.

Thank you GCIL for allowing me to learn from such a diverse group of personalities and backgrounds. Making lasting relationships here is one thing that I will cherish most from this experience.

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