Inspired by nature

|Author: Elizabeth|

Leaves fuzzy, leaves rough,

Leaves smooth to the touch;

Some paper thin, delicate

Others waxy, almost stiff.

Despite such differences

They sway just the same

To the left then to the right

Dancing to bursts of wind.

Despite such differences

They share quite a beauty

A sense of importance

To the world they belong.

Despite such differences

Leaves, plants, nature exemplify us

Us humans—diverse

Just as beautiful and valuable.

Us humans—diverse

Each with varied focuses and knowledge

Have potential to come together

Have responsibility to come together

In harmony, coexisting

Just like nature.

We need to work towards a world

Where we can feel at peace,

Where we can find slivers of hope

Encouraging a continuous fight

Towards solving complex problems.

We need a common goal that

Leads to a sustainable world

That protects human health

As well as conserving wildlife.

We need to continue to make change

Towards a future we want to live in

While appreciating—growing inspired by nature.

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