Indian Wedding

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

|Author: Lorena|

Ever since the fall quarter GCIL class, when one of the GCIL alumni mentioned an Indian Wedding, I have been determined to attend one. My wish has finally come true, I attended a wedding.

The first thing I noticed when I entered was that they splash water on your face, and after that you are rushed into the main room full of people waiting in line to take pictures with the groom and bride. There is a room beside the main one, where the food is served. I won't lie, I was overwhelmed at first. Everyone was crowded together, speaking Hindi, and people were constantly staring at me, probably because my back tattoo was showing.

Since the line for pictures was long, we all decided to go to the food area instead. The food was served on a leaf, similar to the restaurant we attended the first week in Bangalore. The moment I saw the leaf, I got nervous. I have been in Bangalore for 2 months now and I still try to avoid eating with my hands as much as possible; every time I do it, I'm reminded of my mom yelling at me. Here, at this wedding, I had no other option but to use my hands.

My companions all stared at me, waiting for me to try the food, wanting to know if I liked it or it was too spicy for me, then one of them said, "You don't know how to eat with your hands, do you?" to which I reply, "No." They tried their best to show me, for which I am grateful.

In the end, I successfully managed to spill food on myself, multiple times, but at least I made everyone laugh. When we finished eating our food, we returned to the main room to face the crowd for a picture. While in line I was able to talk to the SJC students that I was with, I learned about their lives, their families, and I also had the opportunity to learn a few interesting words in Hindi, if you know what I mean.

When it was our turn to take pictures, the bride and groom were extremely welcoming, acting as though they've known me for longer than 5 minutes. All in all, the event was stressful, exciting, terrifying, full of tasty food, and a lot of laughter. I would definitely recommend attending a wedding in India if possible.

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