India Through a Different Lens

| Author: Anjanee |

It was a regular afternoon during the Spring quarter. I had a meeting with a Professor and he decided to do it in More 110 as it was just too hot in his cabin. As it turns out, there was an information session for GCIL happening in the same room. As you guessed it, I sat through the session and here I am, on-board GCIL 2019.

When I went home during the Winter break, quite a few of my family and friends asked me, a study abroad in India? Why? You could have gone to Europe. Some said, you’re a graduate student it’s time you make money, get a job, not take up extra credits. I didn’t answer back. But I knew what I was getting into was totally worth it. A week into the program, I know I am not going to regret my decision. I am meeting people and doing things I would not have got a chance to do otherwise.

On a personal level I am exploring the country I call home in a very different way. Going to the public parks to workout, eating with hands, getting free pedicures, just lazing around in the garden and reading, it is all very new to me. I was so bothered about the ants initially, but watching everyone enjoy in spite of bug bites, I do it too. Also saying thank you to anyone who provides service is something I have never done in India before. Not that I didn’t feel the gratitude, I just didn’t express it. Now I always say a thank you. They smile back often, and in that moment I know that the two words have made a difference.

It feels like I am looking at the same thing but with a different pair of eyes. And you know what? I like what I see. So, thank you everyone.

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