How the world works...

|Author: Jaspreet|

Rather than starting with what week it is, I realize that I have lost count and I don’t feel like doing the math. All I know is that there is a lot going on and everything is moving too fast. It is moments like this that my instinct is to take a step back and just take it all in.

The more I think about the work we are doing, the more I feel for the people I work with. Meeting new waste pickers every day just gives me a new perspective on life. A lot of the people we talk to are hesitant and give simple and straightforward answers. It doesn’t even feel right to dig deeper as we are taking up their time and they owe me nothing. A lot of the time, we end up getting the same answers everywhere we go, most of which seem like they are on a script. Some mistake us for officials trying to cause further trouble to their lives while others are simply not interested. Nothing surprising as my expectations were rather low.

I was most surprised by the two to three operators we met at our visits and their willingness to not only answer our questions but help us further. I have met very few people in my life who do what these people were doing. All of these operators that helped us were actively involved with the community and had their own creative ways to solve problems which few individuals care about.

In my life, I have always met people who ran from their struggles and started a new better life. However, I was witnessing for the first time that these individuals were not running away from their problems but facing them head on. Giving donations to people in need when they are struggling to make ends meet, music during dry waste collection times, and even as far as going to Paris to give talks. The determination of these people has given me hope that people at all levels of society want to change the way the world works. I have finally met people who are willing to stay and fight for something better. Whether what they are fighting for is worth it is not a concern for me but seeing this fight has made me appreciate everyone better. This blog is not for me or the work I do, this is to thank all those who give everything when they themselves get nothing.

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