How Do I Sum Up GCIL?

|Author: Lorena|

How do I sum up GCIL?

How do I sum up 10 weeks of work? 10 weeks of laughter, frustration, complaints, bickering, and teamwork. I disliked the GCIL program for many reasons, the main one being the lack of diversity, but I also do appreciate the program for a million more reasons. I am grateful for the experiences I had, for the people I have met, both in the GCIL family and out. I am grateful for the places I have seen, and for now being able to say I have found a home away from home.

In 10 weeks, I have cursed this program up and down. I have complained about the most trivial things and laughed at the dumbest of things. Before I knew it, 3 months flew by and I realized how attached I became to the GCIL family. This allowed me to face my greatest fear; sharing my experiences for the first time to a group of people who may have never seen or felt the oppression that I have. GCIL has given me the opportunity to grow, to speak my voice more and not let myself be silence. I know for sure that India has made me want to be on-time more often. I am thankful for everyone in this program, for the kind words, for the perverted jokes, for the gossip sessions, and for the arts and crafts in Ubers.

How do I sum up GCIL?

GCIL was a mix of anger and happiness but given the chance, I would do it all over again.

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