Have I Changed?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

|Author: Robert|

One question I’ve been thinking about the most is: how will I come back to the US changed?

A day in my life in the States makes me feel guilty compared to how I live here. I would consider myself a fairly conscientious person on green practices and habits over there, but it became apparent here that I’m not. I’m the kind of person that is very much quantity over quality and the type of person that wants to always get their money’s worth. For example, one horrible habit of mine, that I didn’t realize until my time here, had to do with the water bill. My roommates take long showers and at times I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth so I will intentionally take longer showers to make them have to pay for more of my stuff when it is usually the other way around. Now while I’m here I feel guilty even turning the shower head on for 10 seconds to quickly rinse off. Being more water conscious is a habit I also wish to bring back with me.

At my house in the States my housemates and I have the ability to recycle but no one wants to take the responsibility of taking bins out before they get full. Typically the people in my house segregate their waste, but once the trash fills up everything becomes trash. I’m hoping my time here will give me the urge to fix little unnecessary problems like these in my everyday life back home.

Something I’ve noticed with the food here is I’m not able to get everything I want all the time because crops could be out of season or certain foods are against parts of the local religion. My family is very much non-veg; I ate meat for almost every meal growing up and had some serious withdrawals the first couple weeks here, savoring every last bit of beef jerky (that is until Tessa took some). Even coming from a background like that I can now see the importance of limiting the amount of meat I consume and how I can actually function pretty well without it. I’m hoping many of these thoughts and habits translate over to the US, because being sustainable is an important part of our lives now. I don’t know if I can give up the guac with every burrito bowl in the US, but I can definitely start by not adding meat.

GCIL is changing me for the better I think, I just wish our time here was a few weeks longer.

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