Half Bucket Showers

|Author: Shannon|

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside the windows and the purr of the fan above me. I roll out of bed feeling sweaty and hot; I still haven’t gotten used to the heat. Through the grogginess and lack of sleep from staying up late the night before, I slowly walk to the bathroom to start my morning routine.

I turn on the faucet and start to fill a bucket with warm water for a shower. I have learned that about half a bucket of water is the perfect amount with a little extra to spare. Before arriving in Bangalore I had never thought to take a bucket shower, but now it has become my norm.  Back home on a daily basis I take around 10 minute showers but if half a bucket of water is more than sufficient then how much water do I waste every day? Or every year? It makes me wonder how much clean water is wasted when places like Bangalore are going to be completely out of water by 2030. I take so many of these basic necessities for granted at home and have never had a problem with obtaining clean water. I have a clean water source and access to filters and water treatment facilities every single day, but here in Bangalore that is a different story. 

All these thoughts go through my head as I dip the cup back into the bucket of water. After I dry myself off and put on a t-shirt and flowy pants on that I bought the day before on Commercial Street, I head down stairs to start the day.  

It has only been five days since we arrived in Bangalore but yet it feels like we have all known each other for so much longer. Sitting and eating breakfast, I can be at any table and start a conversation with anyone in the room. It's amazing to think that in just this short amount of time you can form so many friendships and so many connections with people you had only met a few times before. In these five days we have already experienced so many new things together and I am beyond excited for what's in store for us in the weeks to come.

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