Finding your voice

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

| Author: Elizabeth |

Marriages being arranged. Buses segregated by gender. Women adopting roles as homemakers. As conservative as these ideas may seem, the culture of India is not as restricting as most of us might believe. The arranged marriages that occur now, for example, tend to be very similar to the normal dating life. Yes, parents must approve of the selected candidates, but their children have the right to refuse. They have a greater say as to who they want to be with and are allowed to get to know each other before they make a huge commitment. At first glance, the issues in regards to splitting the bus in half may seem concerning but when looking a little deeper, this divide allows women to feel much safer as they make the journey towards their destination. And while a woman’s role still typically falls under one who cooks the food, cleans the house, and takes care of the family, society is more open to having women enter the workforce—with some even possessing the leadership role in well-known organizations. 

Women are strong. Women are independent. Women are powerful. Women around the globe don’t all find themselves stuck under a traditional role. With the support of family who believe in them and can defend them in front of others, girls and women can easily gain the confidence to truly and completely express themselves as well as to create the greatest impact in this world. And little by little, whether they are in the United States or in India, the shift towards equality is attainable if only people are encouraged to find their voices in order to pave a way towards making change and creating a world where everyone is respected and viewed as important. 

-Photo by Shirley

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