Final Blog

|Author: Kevin|

For my final blog, I wanted this to be directed to my GCIL family. Not to my typical two readers I average on my blogs. Thanks mom and dad. For my final blog, I wanted this to be directed to each individual of my beautiful GCIL family in the form of a memory, feeling, or admiration I have for you. I will not do it justice how much love and admiration I have for you guys. So to start the list:

Mike: Eating dinner at Jayamahal Palace and churros with a random shopkeeper was awesome.

Julie: I plan to update the Glare from the Night Bus playlist and hope we can share music after the program!

Rob: Hmmm can’t think of anything. After rooming together, I think I now understand how much fun old grandparents have when arguing.

Ross: I really appreciated our conversation on hippy island.

Tessa: We bought kurtas together and that is a bond that will never break.

Sandra: I never have to convince you to throw down the dance floor.

Chutney: I hope people back in civil call you Chutney.

Torie: I think I peaked dancing with you in a soul train.

Garrett: One of my favorite nights still might have been the night we went to Vishwash’s house together.

Gavin: One tickles the neck and the other is tickled. Heard out of context this is a bit weird but this inside joke is hysterical to me.

Lorena: Team vamp forever and I feel like half the time we hang out we are dying laughing.

Suki: Slap slap! And the accuracy that suki means happiness in hindi blows my mind.

Megan: Even when you were GCIL patient zero, I always found you smiling and cracking jokes about an experience many of us were not ready to have.

Vero: I really appreciated our deep talk in louies together.

Taryn: You had quite possibly the best dance battle in Pondicherry that I’ve seen.

Amanda: I hope to find someone who looks at me the way you look at a spoon of peanut butter.

Hannah: Can you be my best friend? I love every conversation we have had and hearing your blogs.

Kayla: I thought I had bad reactions to bug bites until I met you.

Rachel: You introduced me to the pasta dish that I can’t remember its name, and since ate it almost everytime I got the chance!

Rebecca: I find your impressions too on point and scares me how much I can relate.

Shannon: Sometimes when I am stressed, I hate how contagious your positive energy and laugh are.

Tristan: I admire your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable when talking about sensitive topics.

Thea: We bonded over our love for Bhargavi and when I was sick you had my back and you recorded her story for me.

Cameron, Cat, and Sophie. For the sake of time, I think I will have to save you all for later for the sake of time and my inability to formulate my Immense love I have for you guys at 2:47 am.

I wrote this blog for my GCIL family and for all those of you who are thinking about joining GCIL. Do it, because building this family is one of the biggest and best takeaways I have from my 10 weeks in India. Love y’all!

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