Updated: Mar 8, 2020

|Author: Garrett|

It is no secret that I have been failing my whole life. I failed to make the high school soccer team, I failed to gain entry into multiple colleges, and I failed to not disappoint my mother on several occasions throughout high school. You never know until you fail but it can bring much more impactful things into your life. Respectively, these failures started my entry into cross country and track that I was wildly more successful in and enjoyed much more, I came to the University of Washington and have avoided stacking student debt by staying in state, and I have a much closer relationship with my mother than if these lines of communication had never been opened.

I seemed to have a big break in more than minor failures once starting college but after coming to India they seem to have started stacking up. The first week into arriving I failed to sit still and flipped a metro coin onto the tracks. I soon enough fell ill to some food poisoning/virus combination that put me out for six days which may have been shortened if I had not been so stubborn to take a round of anti diarrheals and azithromycin. I have come to that point of the quarter that Mike mentioned about where your daily workout routine fails into a maximum every other day at best. So enough of my personal sad story, let’s get into the group failure.

My group had spent the better part of the week developing our GCIL project, on a subject we were all passionate about. In our minds it was such a great idea that would have great effects on those in need as well as a great place for increasing sustainability. With some internet research we confirmed it to ourselves that this was a solid go, no doubt. Just to put the icing on the cake, we went out to conduct some local interviews. After multiple interviews we found out we had moistened the cake as per local style, but had not procured the icing. We had added all the ingredients by hand to this cake we had put so much love into but were not able to serve it. Failure.

As aggravating and disheartening as this failure was, it is for the best in the long run. Failing on our first idea made the second round seem much more streamlined with a better idea of our predispositions on the issue and personal assumptions made. Failure is feared by many and sought out by few. In order to become great in your field you must have failed time and time again. Nobody is born the smartest, the fastest, the most innovative, the strongest, or the most skilled. Becoming great at anything demands failure and repetition. If you never fail you have nothing to learn from and grow on. I need to stop being so scared to fail, I should invite more failure into my life, and into this program to get the most out of it.

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