Expect the Unexpected

|Author: Kayla|

On Monday morning, I gathered my belongings and headed into the car for another arduous expedition in rural Bangalore. As I was about to close my eyes and nap for the two hour drive, Ruthvik entered the car. His warm personality immediately permeated throughout the vehicle, and we talked the entire time. He was vulnerable about his religion, family, culture, and shopping addiction, and allowed us to ask any questions we desired.

When we entered the school, he knew exactly how to appropriately address the teachers and effectively translate and communicate our concerns and questions. After we finished visiting the schools, he insisted that our car stop in the middle of a rural village. We exited the car with him and interviewed three ladies in the village. They told us about their livelihoods, homes, and the companionships they have with each other. They explained that they would never leave their little village and that they valued being close with their families.

Afterwards, Ruthvik guided us to a lady’s chip stand on the side of the road and bought us an exorbitant amount of Indian snacks. The first item we tried resembled a wider version of veggie straws with red seasoning sprinkled on top. After, he bought us a bag of spicy cornflakes, a few different types of crackers, a macaroon, spicy peanuts and more chips. When I thought my stomach had reached complete capacity, he requested the driver stop again, and bought each of us a bowl of watermelon. He ended the day by welcoming us into his home and even inviting us to spend a night at his farm in Mysore. Our amazement of Ruthvik’s benevolence only increased when we learned that he was not getting paid nor receiving credit for spending the day with us--he was solely with us because he wanted to help.

No matter what I am doing or where I am going, nothing is what I expect. No single day is the same, and no single person like the other.

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