Defining people through food

|Author: Jaspreet|

When people think about India, food is one of the first things that come to mind. Food is something that attracts people to India from all over the world. Just saying Butter Chicken and Naan gets people excited. However, much like its culture, the food in India is just as diverse. Punjabi, Gujrati, Tamil, heck even Chinese is just straight up Indian food now. Food stalls, small pop-ups, café’s, and high-end restaurants are the highlights of any city across the nation.

Just as someone might be patriotic, Indians feel pride over the food from their region. Xavier with his South Indian and me with my North Indian, I feel that the food does a good job defining the people from that region. South Indians are calm and simple, just like their food, and though a bit bland for me, everyone has their preferences. North Indians on the other hand are fun and cruel, with the food bursting with flavors but you always get episodes of intense pain from all that spice.

Being in Bangalore gave me a taste of the food and a good introduction to the people. I’m not sure about the food anymore, but the people have been very good to me. Folks barely ever get mad, even when the traffic is the same in both parts of the country. The traffic police are still the same, with bribes being given and taken at every police stop. Yet the government is very different. There is an actual chance that circumstances will change; there is a chance that the government will take action for the good of the people. More and more people are willing to take matters into their own hands when it comes to changing the world, and not simply blaming the government.

While it seems that the people in Bangalore don’t seem to have an emphasis on the forts and maharajas like the North, what they do have is a rich history of facing any problem they have head on. Even now, it seems that Bangalore is the place to be when it comes to bringing about change. I can personally advocate that there is hope the world could change, and Bangalore is at the forefront of it all. I didn’t know what I expected out of this city, but it surprises me every day. The people, the food, everything is an unexpected surprise. I don’t need much to be happy but it’s the little things in this city which have made everything worth it. I couldn’t have asked for much more.

After all, I’m just a “58 and half-year-old goat rider whose life motto is to live, laugh, and love” – The GCIL Bachelor.

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