Culture Shock

|Author: Lorena|

The biggest culture shock that I have experienced so far has not been from India but from the GCIL program. India reminds me much of Mexico: the traffic, the dust, the fresh fruit, the cracks on the sidewalks, the negotiation of prices, and kindness from strangers; it all reminds me of being back home in Mexico. It makes me comfortable. But the GCIL program is a different story.

I like the night, I like the silence, I like being alone. The complete opposite of how I act right? But if you understood how I was raised then it would make sense. In Mexico we have a saying “calladitas se ven mejor” meaning a woman looks better when she is silent, she may speak for entertainment but not for opinions and that's what I grew up learning.

My worst fear of this program was not being secluded from my peers but that I would be torn from my silence and my peace. I was right-about the silence. I am constantly surrounded by 27 people, who are constantly making noise, and who are constantly disrupting my thoughts. The GCIL program has put me in a place where I lost my precious solitude and yet my peace remains. I have always found peace in silence but in such a short amount of time, I have grown attached to my peers' sarcastic remarks, witty banter, playful fights, and their constant presence. I am constantly surrounded by 27 people who are constantly noisy, who are constantly making me laugh, who are constantly giving great memories, and who have now become my newfound peace in a new home.

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