Cream Chemistry Convos

|Author: Taryn|

After a long day of working on our projects and spending time with our organizations, I can think of no greater stress reliever than ice cream. So on Monday night, Tristan, Garrett and I set out to decompress with some chilled goodness. There is no lack of ice cream shops in Bangalore, so we picked a place called “Cream Chemistry” about 10 minutes away from UTC. The place was nothing short of what the name implies; it had a periodic table on the wall, filled in with different types of toppings and ice creams. There was even a fake lab experiment to really set the scene.

We sat down on the couches to examine the menu for something that would satisfy our sweet tooth. When we decided on some sort of chocolate-Oreo-Nutella combo, we started talking about how fast the end of the program is approaching. It seems so long ago that we walked down the commercial street for the first time, but somehow, it still feels like it just happened yesterday.

This realization of how close to the end we were got us talking about how some things may be the last things we do in India. This could possibly be our last time getting ice cream after a long day. Although that is highly unlikely.

I then began to think about more things that could be the last. Was Sunday the last time I’m going to get Louie’s pizza? Was Wild Karnataka the last group movie we will watch together? Was Valentine’s Day the last day I’ll have dumplings here? Will that be the last time I see a cow crossing the street using the crosswalk? Will this be the last group dinner we have together? Will this be the last night I stay up way too late working on our group project?

Although these things will likely still happen again, I hope, I can’t help but think about the little things I do every day, wondering if I will ever do it again. Not knowing what is going to be the last of something sounds a little depressing, but it has begun to make me appreciate each moment more and more as the days begin to tick down.

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