Closer to Being Home

|Author: Taryn|

Pulling up to the Bangalore airport brought back a rush of memories from when we first landed about a month ago. My friends and i talked about how little we knew stepping off the plane, and comparing it to how much more we know now.  But little did we also know that our flight to Goa would be delayed for the next 6 hours. Luckily, we made the most out of our time by eating tons of m&ms, card games and reading.

After finally landing at around 12am, we were greeted with a lovely sign stating “Coronavirus Help Desk”. After snapping a pic of that we were on our way to the airbnb. Even though it was late, it was not going to stop us from taking full advantage of the ocean which was a short walk away. The Arabian sea was probably the warmest and saltiest water I’ve ever been in. The sky was completely clear and was lit with stars, something we don’t easily see in Bangalore due to light and air pollution. I think we all immediately felt a sense of peace, being able to get away from the hustle and bustle  of Bangalore.

Conveniently, our place was located near a German bakery, which exceeded all our expectations. We stuffed ourselves with Nutella and banana crepes, cold coffees and croissants. Then it was time to hit the beach. Being able to enjoy the sun with no other responsibilities has never felt so good. I think we all got a little taste of what vacation feels like when you’re working nearly full time.

Three beach days later, a jellyfish bite and a deep sunburn, and I was ready to come home to Bangalore. Although I loved Goa, I have already become so accustomed to life in Bangalore. Wherever we go, I find myself making little comparisons to Bangalore, and thinking to myself how grateful I am that we get to learn and work there. Whenever we are returning from a weekend trip, I feel a sense of relief as we pull up to the familiar gates of UTC, and I know that Bangalore is becoming closer and closer to being home.

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