Chasing the Feeling

|Author: Kevin|

I’m sitting in the car on the way to work right now, shoulders squeezed and legit sweaty against Cameron and Sophie, writing my blog. Cameron just told me that wasn’t a good sentence. Sorry Cameron, but it’s pari-humid in these cars, now suck it up and pari-snuggle. With this blog, I want to explain myself. It all really began when I was given my name, Kevin. It means gentle birth. Okay, I am not explaining that far back,; let’s start in sophomore year of high school. I joined a community service and Spanish language immersion program where I lived in an off-the-map Ecuadorian highlands village called Eugenia Espejo de Cajas for a month. I worked on connecting their new water pipeline, worked with the milk collectors, and taught English to the children. Four out of the five weeks I slept in a straw matted tool shed which most nights was visited by the small scurrying mice and by morning I was awakened by the groans of cows saying good morning. Before the sun was up, a bucket shower outside in the 30-40 degree weather always had a way of saying good morning back. Most people in my program were in culture shock or pretty ready to leave once the trip was over, but every minute I spent in Eugenio Espejo de Cajas with the villagers, I had an emotion I had never felt before in my life. I can only describe it as a “I would rather be no where else doing nothing else” feeling. It was so powerful I constantly had a dumb smile on my face and it was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I have been chasing that feeling ever since Ecuador and have felt it only 3 other times in my life: Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua, researching the wastewater and water treatment in a Palestinian Refugee camp in Jordan, and right now. With this blog, I wanted to explain myself. When you speak to me and I’m smiling for no reason, when I’m chanting and playing tag with kids, when Cat calls me crazy when I say I’m going to start working again at 11pm., it’s because I would rather be no where else doing nothing else right now.

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