Being Resilient

|Author: Jaspreet|

GCIL so far has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. One day, we know exactly what we are doing, and the next, we are somehow back at square one. What is the problem we are trying to solve: clothes being in a landfill, storage issue at the dry waste collection centers, making money for the DWCC’s, or is it getting the collectors respect from the people they serve? I’m sure that if we sit down right now to put forward our ideas, we will get 20 different answers.

We have the solution, it’s just hard to identify the problem. Not that it matters which problem we pick to present to the world; our solution will solve all those issues. Solution aside, how can we make this worthwhile for someone?

Krishna, our partner for our company Hasiru Batte, jumped on board in no time. In less than a week after meeting him, we were making preparations for collecting clothes and everything was going at full blast. But then, what’s reality without a little setback? As helpful as Krishna has been, he doesn’t have the same time constraints we do. Every conversation always ends with, “We’ll see. I’ll call you later.” I am all for taking it slow but when you have two weeks to get a business going, being laid back is the last thing we want. However, from Krishna’s point of view, we are trying to do something which we want to implement across Bangalore and possibly all over India. Time is required and after several meetings, our two weeks has turned into a more concrete three months of trial or even a year if everyone is still on board.

There has been a lot to overcome, making an impact is not easy. This is not our turf and we have to play by different rules. As much as we want to accomplish everything, these initial stepping stones have to be laid correctly. Expecting the world to change in these last two weeks is just not realistic. There is only so much we can do, but we have enough to keep us up at nights. This last part of the program is going to define our time in India, and I wish to do it right. Deadlines will creep in and meals will be missed, but I just hope to take it all in and hopefully enjoy where everything ends up. It’s time to be patient, work hard and see where the ride goes.

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