A Morning in Hampi

|Author: Sandra| After 6 hours on the sleeper bus and a breakfast of scrambled eggs and tea, we decided to get a head start on exploring the unfamiliar town of Hampi. The warm air and crowds of children walking on the street made us forget how early it was, and after failing to call an Uber, the 4 of us headed out and found a rickshaw with the help of the hotel manager.

It was a long but beautiful drive to the city, and we shared laughs while watching Hannah try to steer the auto (with the drivers insistence, of course). Although we mapped to the shopping Bazaar, we arrived in a large dirt field, which was mostly empty besides shopkeepers chasing monkeys away from their carts.

After refusing bananas after tea after coconuts, we finally made our way to some neighborhood streets, which sold all kinds of crafts and clothing. We bought tapestries and art and clothes and jewelry, and I found that, like always, I spent too much at the first store we happened to wander into. 

It was clearly a different vibe than Bangalore - we saw more tourists that morning than all our time here combined. Rickshaws were abundant and drivers would follow you around with maps, insisting on giving you a tour of the city. The dogs were overly friendly and approached you with wagging tails. Store owners urge you to come in if you linger outside for more than a few seconds, and insist only they could give us the best deals. I learned that you can feed a cow like you feed a puppy, and that bulls and chickens can be friends.

Although it was only a weekend, this adventure will be one that’s hard to forget.

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