A Holi Celebration

|Author: Robert|

The morning began with my alarm clock going off for the 4th time at 8:20am. I woke Kevin up and moseyed on downstairs, putting on clothes as I walked out the door to beat the 8:28 minute mark. I had gone to bed at 2:30am, attempting to complete a big chuck of my teams prototype while watching Ratatouille with Lo Lo. We had a big day ahead of us, testing our prototype with our target audience, getting footage for our teams video, Holi, and then continuing to work on our GCIL tasks. Once blog meetings were finished, we scrambled to complete 2 mentor meetings and the remaining cards for our game. Cutting paper to wrap around UNO cards with tape is a lot harder and time consuming than it sounds.

Once completed, it was peak hours and we rushed out the door, banana and Nutella toast still in hand. We arrived with a set plan to test the game, interview kids, and get video footage in a window of about 30 minutes because that was all the time we were given. Nothing really runs on schedule here in India so we ended up waiting and spending 2 hours there until we left. We had a great time interacting with the kids and got the sweetest thank you card after our visit.

Everything was going great, we got good feedback, footage, and another amazing experience with these kids. Not long after though we found out the event we bought tickets to got shut down. 500 rupees down the drain. On our sad car ride home we debated still celebrating Holi. Spending more money for maybe 30 minutes of fun for an event that may just get shut down early didn’t sound promising. A spontaneous moment led us to send it anyways. We arrived at the Taj hotel to find out that the Holi event was over and people were starting to leave. Discouraged we walked into the space where paint was thrown in our clean white shirts with colorful people walking by. I found our group all covered in paint all talking about the great times they just experienced. I gave Ruthvick a big hug hoping to get some of his colors on my sadly clean white shirt. Then out of nowhere I got smacked in the face with a handful of magenta powdered color. It was either Shannon or Kevin, I still don’t know who it was because it was such a good slap.

Before I could recover Ruthvick took both of his hands and rubbed green powder all over my face. Our friends had saved us colors! Seeing team IPH get attacked with colors and love from our GCIL family has been one of my fondest memories here so far.

Love you all, thanks for being a part of GCIL, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you all back in the States.

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