|Author: Rachel|

In HCDE, you can’t get through a class without doing a group project, and more often than not you are in a group project for the majority of the quarter - although sometimes it is in the same group and sometimes it isn’t.

I was so ready to be in a group when coming to India, because I was so used to being in one in the first place! It was more natural to be in a group than to be doing work individually. But after week 4, when first starting to work with my team, I could immediately tell that it was not going to be the same, since all 4 of us seem to have radically different personalities.

After everyone panicking and trying to get their work done during this last week when we finally decided on an idea to go with on Monday, I felt a lot of responsibility to make a prototype since I was the only person who had even done something like that before. And shouldering all of that responsibility was really stressful, but what was the most stressful is that knowing if our prototype isn’t good I would feel awful.

Something that I keep struggling with in school and here is imposter syndrome - do I really know what I’m doing, am I asking the right interview questions, making the prototype good enough for usability tests?

Trying to calm my nerves, I tell myself that I’m still learning, and that coming to India and prototyping a product as quickly as I need to here is the best way to learn things and to learn whether or not I am doing things correctly.

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